Select Draw Cigar Cutters announces Re-Release of the Limited Edition “Obsidian”

Select Draw Cigar Cutters officially announces the re-launch of the Limited Edition color “Obsidian” into the world of cigar accessories.

The Obsidian boasts the same classic Select Draw design as the “original” version, but with the stylish, timeless edge of black.

“The Select Draw Cigar Cutter in Limited Edition ‘Obsidian’ was a huge success that sold out quickly. Since then, we’ve had an overwhelming request to bring the Obsidian back.” said Marc Alston, Inventor of Select Draw Cigar Cutters. “The short of it is we listen to our fans. We will be doing a second run of this stylish and sleek black cutter.”

With the Select Draw Cigar Cutter, you can get exactly the kind of smoke you want out of your cigar, while optimizing the smoothness and intensity with extreme precision. This cutter gives you the ability to leave the cigar cap on, allowing you to experience the taste of your wrapper and eliminating the dreaded “tobacco teeth”.

Cigar smokers can create a slow, medium or full draw that is smoother and more enjoyable than you ever imagined possible, and now they can do it with the Limited Edition ‘Obsidian’ Select Draw.

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About Select Draw Cigar Cutters:

Founded in 2018, Select Draw Cigar Cutters inventor Marc Alston and CEO/Co-Founder Mark Weissman are cigar enthusiasts with entrepreneurial minds that like to push limits deep into the unknown with a “rise and grind” attitude. Together, they set out to create a product that would enhance all their smoking sessions. What they came up with was the Select Draw Cigar Cutter. This cigar cutter, made from high quality, durable aluminum, has 3 razor sharp steel prongs which drastically sets it apart from your standard guillotine or V cut. The result? A truly customizable cigar experience with enhanced flavor.


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